About Kuba

Jakub Zakrzewski was born in 1957 in Kraków. He got his Ph.D. degree from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw in 1985. He worked for a number of years in the US and France. He has been permanently associated with the Jagiellonian University in Kraków for about three decades, where he has been running a lively research group. Several of his Ph.D. students are now permanent researchers.

Jakub Zakrzewski started his career in the field of quantum optics. Then, his research interests drifted for a number of years into the field of quantum chaos. Over the past two decades, his work has been focused on the studies of ultracold atomic gases. In all these fields he obtained important results.

Jakub Zakrzewski is an active member of the Polish physics community. He organized several scientific conferences and is a member of various scientific councils. He is the head of the Atomic Optics Department at the Jagiellonian University.

Invited Speakers Scientific Committee
  • Bogdan Damski
  • Tomasz Dohnalik
  • Maciej Lewenstein
  • Krzysztof Sacha

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